Knitting the Nation: Expectations of Women’s patriotism in Ireland and Britain

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Four Nations History Network

Knitting the Nation: Expectations of Women’s patriotism in Ireland and Britain

This week, PhD student Olga Walker (University of Canberra) examines women’s patriotism through knitting across the four nations.

Since my last contribution to the Four Nations History Network in June 2016, my research journey has taken a tour of some very interesting back-roads. In this blog, I reflect on how hand-knitting was and, still is being used to identify women’s art as a patriotic activity. Taking a four nations approach has allowed me the opportunity to consider the role of hand-knitting from both a single nation’s historical perspective, while at the same time reflecting on some of the similarities across other nations. Women of the 1940s and 1950s in Ireland and Britain were asked to knit for their nation, and similar calls were still being made in 2016. The examples discussed show how patriotism can come in all shapes…

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