Inez Milholland

The information about Inez Milholland which appears here is kindly taken from the website with their permission. Inez Milholland was an Icon of the New Women in the early 1900’s.…

Source: Inez Milholland

Another New Year?

Thought for the day for New Year’s Day 2017,  so let’s start with this one  about reproductive rights for women. The Birth Control pill was launched in England on this day January 1 1961. Yes 1961.

Contraception was illegal in Ireland from 1935 till 1980s when you needed a prescription from your doctor and then a visit to your local pharmacy.(1978) Later in 1985 the Act liberalised the law by allowing the sale of condoms and spermicides to over 18s without prescription but only in specified places later  adjusted again in 1992 reduced age to 17.  There are volumes on this for you to look up but if you are a woman living in Ireland just so the older family members.

In 1971 in response to the ‘Contraceptive Train’ the then Bishop of Clonfert said ‘never before, and certainly not since penal times was the Catholic heritage of Ireland subjected to so many insidious onslaughts on the pretext of conscience, civil rights and women’s liberation.’

Does that sound familiar for those of us fighting to Repeal the Eight Ammendment ( if you are not sure what that means look it up, talk to people as it affects all women all through their reproductive lives) So make a decision now to wear your badge, to email your TD, to start the conversations with everyone. Help fund us and those women who are packing right now to travel. This is your country, this is your womb make the change happen, if not for you for the wombs of the future where sometimes globally women are given no choices at all.